There’s still no solution to hiring a good tradesman


The truth is that getting the right tradesman is just as difficult as it always was regardless of websites that encourage customers to post reviews. Reviews can be faked and how often has there been a bad experience when you haven’t bothered to post anything at all? Even if you do it can provoke an angry response from the tradesman. These websites do not protect the consumer and should come with a very prominent disclaimer to say so.

I have heard of a company that buys and sells second-hand designer handbags that have to be sent to them first to ensure they are genuine before forwarding to the buyer. Advertising and review websites should check the work and credentials of those that use their service so that they are fair and transparent.  Unfortunately, I suspect they don’t do ongoing checks because it would be too costly for them to do so and therefore not be profitable for them. But if the model isn’t fit for purpose it shouldn’t be in the market at all.

In my area there is a dearth of professional trades. Apart from an excellent firm that installed my central heating and subsequently my bathroom, the rest have been appalling. Apart from the usual tardiness, the lack of communication is staggering not to mention the lack of proper paperwork and therefore compliance with consumer, trade and contract law.

Is there a particular type that chooses to work in these professions? Is it that the intelligent ones become architects rather than bricklayers or interior designers rather than painter and decorators?

I think it would be a great boost to the economy to have women bricklayers, builders, plasterers and plumbers. It might not be glamorous, but I bet they would be more conscientious, listen to their client and tell them if they were going to over-run on time and why. It would be a project manager’s dream, surely?

In the meantime, I am hoping that someone is working on a revolutionary idea to provide consumers with a proper market place to buy respectable, honest trades and who has the decency to either block those who don’t quite make the grade. If someone can’t sing you wouldn’t suggest it as a career now would you?   I really don’t want to be subjected to people that don’t care as much as I do about my home or my investment.


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